Flat Glass

Transformed to add multiple
critical (and stunning) properties

    • Safety may require a lot of glass between you and danger

    • Leaving nothing to chance, CGB tests bullet resistance


    Bullet- and blast-resistant clear glazing for every sensitive public interface — bands to limos to conference rooms — is a CGB forte. If your business requires staying both personably visible and secure in today's changed world we can help. Bent glass options are also possible.

    Check our Bullet-Resistant Tech Spec Sheet for an introduction to security glass parameters.

    • The Crocker Museum tames sunlight reaching its collection


    CGB uses low emissivity glass, tinting and mirroring options, insulated glazing assemblies, and UV-blocking laminations to offer all the environmental control you need to stay green and climate-comfortable.

    Take a look at our Insulation Tech Spec Sheet to compare a range of insulating performance solutions.

    • Multiple use spaces coexist behind acoustic glass

    • Busy copy center noise leaves the main lobby unaffected


    Seal off unwanted sounds to a remarkable degree with laminated and insulated glass. Acoustic deadening rivaling solid walls is achievable while preserving full transparency.

    A snapshot of the possibilities is available in our Acoustic Tech Spec Sheet.

    • Shaped glass artwork embedded with an anemone giclée

    • Subtly illuminated glass graphic oversees peaceful sleep

    • Exciting graphics trade reflections, immersing spa customers

    • An ocean theme brands a library coffee shop

    • Wall-sized mural identifies a hotel hallway conference area

    • Seasonal murals remind resort visitors what they've come for


    It's less than helpful maybe — but completely true — to say the decorative uses of glass are endless. CGB's textured glass, embedded textures, sandblasting and 3D carving, opaque and translucent graphics, color matching, elaborate shapes, jewel-like edging and beveling add up to a rich combined palette.

    • Glass railings in a Dallas Galleria add shine to shopper safety

    • A glowing hilton hotel elevator bank lightens its lobby

    • Beachside daylight filters through a townhome stair landing

    • Glass treadles add to a lobby's upscale hospitality

    • A glass railing that's barely there echoes ocean waves

    • Masonry walls seem to float, supported only by glass


    When glass become architectural structure the results are often unexpected: railings, stair treads, floors and bridges; curtain walls, columns, canopies and skylights; transparent or translucent sheets that support surprising weights. Building environments with glass is painting with light.

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