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colored glass
CGB offers multiple colored glass options. The 13 hues in
this palette of richly saturated, extremely UV-permanent
film interlayers can be combined to create a huge range of
colored glass laminations. Colored glass can be shaped
and bent to serve endless purposes.

Scroll down to discover more ways to achieve multitudes of
additional colors...
Represented here is an incredible self-illuminating film that
charges in lighted conditions, then continues to glow for
many hours in darkness. Emergency wayfinding and
safety applications leap to mind, but entire nighttime
facades of glowing glass are possible! Combine with color
films and digital graphics for amazing effects.
Another system of color-building films CGB offers can also
produce whole spectrums in glass. That 3,000+ color
variety is suggested here by ranges of basic hues rather
than single building blocks.

You can think more freely of many available shades and
more confidently that a particular color can be matched.
Absolute matches can be produced with pigment-based
custom digital films.

Differing degrees of light transmission and opacity are also
achievable using these films.
Neutral colors in glass can deliver powerful effects:
this expanded range only begins to convey what can be done.