Custom Cutting/Sizing

Custom product size accuracy is achieved with the current sophisticated technology in glass cutting equipment, computer-controlled, and overseen by seasoned fabricators.

CNC Shaping/Routing

Custom milling and shaping precisely define the product shape and size using high-speed German-engineered 5-axis CNC work centers, transferring sophisticated computer engineered ideas into glass realities.


Laminated safety glass is entirely compliant with the 21st-century requirements for efficiency, function, safety, and beauty. By permanently bonding glass together with long-lived clear and colored interlayers, glass surfaces are transformed into extremely safe, sound deadening, UV-blocking glazed surfaces.

And of course, lamination makes possible our full array of flat and bent graphic and texture embedment, and popular magnetic glass boards and richly colored glass sheets.

Where structural integrity is critical, CGB uses SentryGlas®, a strength-enhancing ultra-clear interlayer by Dupont™ that can be applied to create glazed spans previously deemed impossible. Along with its ability to maintain adhesion and extreme clarity when exposed to moisture and outdoor environments, this product makes safety glass many times stronger and stiffer than other laminates can. CGB specializes in the glass stair treads, floors, bridges, canopies, sculptural works and more made possible with custom-laminated safety glass — and we’ll explore all its benefits with you to maximize value to your project:

  • Shatter-proof safety
  • Bullet-resistant security
  • Dramatic sound reduction
  • Acclimatizing solar energy control
  • Possession-preserving UV control
  • Earthquake/hurricane resistance
  • Weathering-resistant durability
  • Astonishing design versatility
  • Workability and installation ease
  • View-preserving low distortion optics

Glass Bending

Quality craftsmanship handed down through generations — years of specialized training to produce the best in the craft: there are no shortcuts. Instead of current generation foreign-manufacture bending systems, CGB employs in-house engineered and constructed bending equipment with capabilities from production-run demands down to the most complex irregular shapes you can imagine.


GGB produces flat and bent insulated glass units (IGU’s) to meet a broad spectrum of energy-saving R-values and noise-reduction properties. Permanent edge seals and spacer desiccants ensure the most extended unit life in any climate. Use our insulation tech spec sheet for a general guide to R-values and get in touch for custom formulations to meet your most critical needs.

Glass Tempering

CGB’s closely indexed roller transport tempering equipment produces extremely flat, undistorted heat-strengthened and fully tempered glass suitable for all applications. Tempered glass can then be enhanced to the highest levels of performance by our post-process lamination.


Immersed in artisan and industrial glass sandblasting for decades, CGB now provides CAD-driven stencil cutting as well as traditionally applied techniques, opening a full range of blasted and special cutting requirements.


Guaranteed Delivery

We make sure your project travels the last mile or across the globe fully intact. With packing and crating protection perfected by years of experience and the unparalleled shipping options possible with our location at Worldport L.A./Los Angeles Harbor, CGB gets your glass there safely and economically.

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